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Protecting The Rights Of Insurance Policyholders

For businesses and individuals who have been denied compensation for what they believe to be legitimate claims to their insurance companies, knowledge and advocacy are essential. Even if it seems like there is nothing you can do, the fact is, you have rights. If you have been faithfully paying premiums and your claim is legitimate, you deserve to receive compensation from the insurance company.

At Injury Law Group, our Windsor insurance dispute lawyers can help you understand your rights and obtain the compensation you deserve for the premiums you have been paying. We work as a team to provide personalized, effective representation.

We represent Ontario clients who have been denied insurance claims involving:

  • Home insurance: We represent clients in litigation involving the improper denial of flood, fire and property damage claims.
  • Business insurance: We also represent businesses that have been denied compensation for legitimate claims.
  • Health and other insurance: In addition to the property matters we handle, we also represent clients in litigation involving the wrongful denial of health claims and other insurance claims.

The Contra Proferentem Rule

Insurance contracts are often riddled with ambiguous language. As the drafters of these policies, insurance companies are in position to interpret the ambiguous language in their own favour and to deny otherwise legitimate claims. There is an imbalance of power in this type of situation.

However, the law works to correct this imbalance. Contra proferentem is a legal rule intended to govern this type of situation. When a policy or contract contains ambiguous language, and one of the parties created the language of the agreement, the law will interpret the language of the contract to favour the other party.

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Copyright © 2019 Injury Law Group | All Rights Reserved
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