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February 11, 2016 - By Injury Law Group

Winter Road Safety Tips

Auto Accidents

With the winter season upon us, it is very important to exercise caution and prepare your vehicle for dangerous winter road conditions in order to protect yourself and others on the road.  With that in mind, the following are some helpful tips to keep you and your vehicle safe for winter.

  • Prepare your vehicle early and ensure that your battery, ignition, lights, brakes, tires, heating and cooling system, and windshield wipers are in good working order to prevent being stranded in the cold or getting into a motor vehicle accident. Also, check your tire pressure in the cold because tires checked in a warm garage can be under-inflated in below zero temperatures.
  • Consider using winter tires for your vehicle and make sure you are using matching tires on all 4 wheels. Some insurance companies may even offer discounts if you are using winter tires.
  • Make sure that you check the weather conditions before leaving the house. The safest approach is to avoid driving in poor conditions, but if you have to, use extra caution, allow yourself extra time, tell someone where you are going, and make sure your fuel tank is at least half full.
  • Always be well rested, alert, sober, and wearing a seat belt behind the wheel. Make sure children have an appropriate car seat or booster seat for their age and size.
  • Ensure that you can see from all of your windows and mirrors and that you have defrosted and cleared the snow and ice from windows and mirrors. If visibility becomes compromised, pull off the road safely.
  • Use main roads and drive with caution at an appropriate speed for the conditions, and avoid passing in poor conditions. Also, keep more distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you.
  • Carry a cell phone with you and keep an emergency kit in your vehicle including items such as blankets, flashlights, a first aid kit, a scraper and brush, road maps, emergency food, booster cables, extra clothing, traction mats, a warning light, extra windshield washer fluid, a shovel, a reflective vest, etc.
  • To avoid collisions, make sure you are familiar with your vehicle’s handling and safety features to keep control. In extreme conditions, it is also recommended to avoid using overdrive or cruise control.


Overall, it is important to stay calm, be prepared, and drive according to the conditions.  For more helpful tips on road safety, consult the following online brochure from CAA: click here

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