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March 2, 2017 - By Injury Law Group

Too Many Chairs?

Condominium And Housing Law

Rights and Responsibilities of Owners and Condominiums

Do you own a condo? Have a few extra backyard items? If you do, make sure you know your condo’s regulations on what’s allowed and what’s banned, especially outside.

An incident at a Brampton, Ont. condo left one unlucky owner emotionally and financially scarred, she says.

After getting on the management’s bad side by lobbying against a large fee increase (a battle she won), Jayne Pilot, a local of Brampton, was enjoying the pool with friends when she was handed the envelope that said she was going to civil court. The reasons? She had one too many patio chairs (7, when the maximum was 6), two flower pots that both exceeded the maximum dimensions set, as well as having solar lights in her garden. The condo board saw their opportunity and took her to court. However, the judge declared these rules “unreasonable” and sent the two parties to mediation, as required as a first step in these cases by the Ontario Condominium Act.

This is a growing problem that many people, as they move into their condos, now face. Condos have been the fastest-growing housing market in the industry for a few decades now, so, if you now face this problem, make sure you’re protected and you know your rights and responsibilities.

To avoid your Condo Board having trouble like this, call a Condominium Lawyer like Andrea Thielk. 


For more information, click here for the full CBC News article, or here (redirects you to the article and is easy to remember)

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