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March 3, 2017 - By Injury Law Group

I was just in an accident - now what?!

Auto Accidents


What are accident benefits?

Accident benefits are a range of insured items or services that may be needed when injured in a car accident.  Some of these insured items/services are income replacement benefits (IRB); non-earner benefits; medical, rehabilitation and attendant care benefits; lost educational expenses; out-of-pocket expenses; etc.  So, what should you do after an accident? 

What if you don’t know what medical assistance you need?  

It is not uncommon for injured persons, and their caregivers, to not know the full extent of their injuries immediately after an accident or what is needed to assist in recovery.  Some injuries, such as abrasions, torn/strained ligaments, and broken bones are immediately and visually apparent.  Other injuries can take time to determine such as a brain injury.  Therefore, it is important that you apply for accident benefits, even if you don’t know the full extent of your injuries to ensure that you can access the needed services during your recovery. 

What if my insurer denies my application for accident benefits?

If your insurer denies benefits and you feel that benefits or treatments are needed for your recovery, you can contact a lawyer to review your entitlement.  A lawyer may assist you with recovery of accident benefits, explore other types of assistance or treatment your insurer may fund, and represent your interests with the insurer where needed.  For the most part, your insurer and you should be able to work out your accident benefits.  Please note, if you do receive a denial, make sure you reply, as there are strict timeframes to appeal the denial.   

It is important that you and/or your caregiver keep copies of any and all testing, appointments, and medical reports that you undergo after an accident.  Please make sure you keep your insurer apprised throughout your treatment. 

In the event that you are in an accident, we invite you to call a law firm like Andrea Thielk, Injury Law Group, to discuss options.  At Injury Law Group, there is no obligation to proceed with your case, and your first consultation is free. 

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